Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My work is on sale at Glasson Craft Gallery, Westmeath, Ireland.

I am proudly presenting some gorgeous photographs taken by Corin Bishop (2011) in this newly open shop located near Athlone.

Gorgeous selection of goods and amazing display, all done by fantastic woodturner, Stephen Mitchell.

  and my items off course!


Filz und Glas said...

I wish I could come to Ireland and see your nice scarfs and other items. It would feel so good to come back again, wish you luck selling your felted jewels! Uli

Anonymous said...

1thanks Uli

Angelika Geißler said...

You have wonderful scarves in brilliant colours. It's a joy to look at them. And as in case we will come to Ireland again which had happened a long time ago - I would love to pass by... Angelika

FabulousFelt by Kate Ramsey said...

Yes, do pass by Ireland is a such a beautiful and welcoming country!