Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Invitation to a Workshop In Dublin and my intern has a go on a carder

Here first some new designs that I was experimenting with!

I will be attending a workshop by an amazing feltmaking artist,  Dagmar Binder, organised by FEltmakers Ireland Association in Dublin

3 D Floral belts or collars

Advanced Two Day Workshop
Dagmar Binder
 Dagmar makes amazing stuff not only 3d collars which we are gonna be making, - such as here

She also makes amazing hats - there is to be a workshop on these on the 22nd of September in Italy organised by Ruth Baumer, I am feeling so sorry I cant attend! 

I was also invited to a special workshop organised by Craft Council of Ireland, in Dublin on Thursday! Its about colour trends for knitwear in 2013!! Very exciting!

Knitwear Trends Forecast Workshop for Autumn/Winter 2013. 
 The presentation will be made by Beryl Gibson, UK based Textile and Yarn consultant with many years experience of the industry in Ireland, UK, Europe, Far East, South Africa and South America.

Looking forward to this- as it might give me loads of ideas re my future collections!  

I Also got an intern who is learning the basics of feltmaking! 
Yesterday she was playing with coloured wool 

Friday, June 22, 2012

An Update: Irene Van Den Wolf - amazing felt artist!!

In previous post I mentioned one of the most fantastic and inspirational feltmakers; Her name is Irene van Den Wolf and she is based in the Netherlands. I had an opportunity to see her last book, Image in Sight,
  To get any images I had to photograph the image of the image on my laptop using my iphone, cause screenshot doesnt work! I think her technique is amazing, she is very inspirational as an artist! and Buy the book cause you would never have guessed how this is made!!!

She uses a special technique based on a special perforated foam called UPWOLFInG,that creates fantastic effects : see here

Her website can be visited at www.kunstwolf.nl, very inspiring!

I loved her treatment of - well yes, ladies knickers!!

Fantastic sense of humor! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RDS National Craft Competition Submission - Grey Felted Dress

In next couple of days I will be making a submission for a final judging of the RDS National Craft Competition 2012 in Dublin. 

The dress that I designed is based on this necklace that I made a while ago.

I used the same shape by just replicating it along the whole length of the dress. 

Here are some details from the dress:

Some photos from the making:

 and the dress itself

sorry about the quality it was just a prototype

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feltmaking workshop lace and lines: moders felt design by Kate ramsey at Fiberfusing studio run by Dorie van Dijk

Now back in the bus to limerick I left Netherlands and a very welcoming FiberFusing studio run by Dorie van Dijk!

I arrived to meet Dorie 2 days before the workshop begun and we spent that time experimenting with a mix of new dyeing methods, patters and new Designs! I got a gorgeous bag from Dorie full of dry eucalyptis leaves. Perfect for organic plant dyeing!

I learnt from Dorie about the versatility of use of adhesive tape in feltmaking: not only to join parts of pattern resist, but to stick silk edges together when you are making chiffon backing in your jackets!

I had a chance to ser couple of books i did not have:such as women in felt andmazing book by Angela Wolf, the most innovative felttmaker there is! Aparently her new book out soon( see photo for details!) Apart off course from the girl that runs bloomfelt!

I will be back in amsterdam in a couple of weeks to join Thomas Horst and Dorie in the workshop and the fashion show organised in the Netherlands6-8 of July!

I am very excited!

Friday, June 8, 2012

In a few hours time... I will be meeting 10 participants of my workshop at Dorie van Dijk Fiberfusing!

I arrived on Thursday, and last two days I spent with my Fantastic host and talented Feltmaker, Dorie van Dijk!!

I prepared the workshop space with her, showed how to make a couple of my designs.. And hung my scarves on the wall.
With dorie we were discussing how plain colouring works with felted textured products making it more sealable. See the wrap she made double coloured in contrast with mine plain 1 colour. We agreed that for more expensive products more reserved balanced colouring works best!

Here my scarves hanging nicely on the wall!

To be continued

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Felted felt merino orange chain necklace sold!

This   orange felted necklace created to mock the gold chain  associated with hip hop culture has been sold.

orange necklace in my etsy shop sold

Below some snippets from the studio:

New Shop orders and what comes out of it!

It is the most fantastic feeling to be inundated with orders from my participating shops. This time I am supplying shops In Glengarriff and Kinsale as well as Kenmare, run by GlenAran group.

Working on large scale allows for greater consistency in quality and also opens up new opportunities for the maker.

This week on Thursday I will be tralveling to Netherlands to delivert my first workshop in Feltmaking to a gorgeous group of 10 ladies in gorgeous studio run by Dorie van Dijk of Fiberfusing.blogspot.com
Looking forward to it!