Friday, June 8, 2012

In a few hours time... I will be meeting 10 participants of my workshop at Dorie van Dijk Fiberfusing!

I arrived on Thursday, and last two days I spent with my Fantastic host and talented Feltmaker, Dorie van Dijk!!

I prepared the workshop space with her, showed how to make a couple of my designs.. And hung my scarves on the wall.
With dorie we were discussing how plain colouring works with felted textured products making it more sealable. See the wrap she made double coloured in contrast with mine plain 1 colour. We agreed that for more expensive products more reserved balanced colouring works best!

Here my scarves hanging nicely on the wall!

To be continued

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diana said...

Szale przepiękne,jak zreszta wszystkie Twoje prace,a ja marzę o warsztatach:)))Pozdrawima cieplutko:))))