Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RDS National Craft Competition Submission - Grey Felted Dress

In next couple of days I will be making a submission for a final judging of the RDS National Craft Competition 2012 in Dublin. 

The dress that I designed is based on this necklace that I made a while ago.

I used the same shape by just replicating it along the whole length of the dress. 

Here are some details from the dress:

Some photos from the making:

 and the dress itself

sorry about the quality it was just a prototype


Purly Wendy said...

This is just awesome Kate!
Well done and Good Luck with your entry!

Frauke-Filz.de said...

Hey ho, very cool! Good Luck!
felted regards,

diana said...

Kasiu fantastyczna kiecka,wyjątkowo oryginalna!Zyczę powodzenia i pozdrawiam cieplutko:)

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Wow!!!!! What a gorgeous dress. Best wishes with your entry Kate...It is absolutely stunning.

Vanti Designs said...

The dress is amazing!! Good luck with the competition!!

FabulousFelt by Kate Ramsey said...

Thanks- it was very time consuming- the longest time i ever spent making anything!! 13 hours that was!

nanunana said...

Cudeńko, pod każdym względem. Och jakzebym chciała się w nie zmieścić!

Kinga said...

Fantastic dress!!! Good luck!