Thursday, May 31, 2012

Large Discs Necklaces punched and assembled photos from the process

I have been very busy, making the orders for my shops throughout Ireland and USA. Now is the time to get organized. I dug out some hats that would never ever sell and punched them using an old tool I bought on German ebay.  

then using an old paper tube I assembled them in colourways
the only problem I need to solve now is to use / find something that would help me to make a perfect middle point where to stick the needle

 anybody having any ideas how to do so?


Linda said...

Hi Kate,
I have two ideas.
The first is probably the more accurate of the two. First, use your punch to cut out a circle from from thin plastic used for quilting templates. Alternatively I tyvek would also work. Mark the center on the template and piece it with a hole the slightly larger than your stringing needle.

Next align the plastic or tyvek template with a piece of punched felt. Then direct your string needle through the felt side trying to line it up with the hole in the plastic or tyvek template.

The second way would be to take each piece of punched felt and fold it along the center so both sides are equal, make a mark along that line. Next fold the felt circle in half again but at about 90 degrees away from the intial fold. Where the folds intersect is the center.

I wonder if that would work for you, or do you need something more exacting. What do you think?

FabulousFelt by Kate Ramsey said...

Thanks so much, the first solution using tyvek the best for me! You are great LInda