Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally, back from Horst workshop in FiberFusing and a fantastic opportunity to participate in Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Running a fashion show is not an easy task, but helping to run a fashion show Alongside Thomas Horst and Dorie van Dijk and her Family was a hugely beneficial experience!
Suffice to say for more info please look up Dories FiberFusing Blog!

I prepared 3 pieces, one of them was a copy of a dress I submitted to a RDS National Craft Competition 2012! You can see it a couple of posts earlier, both the proces as well as the finall dress!

It proved to be v beautiful but extremely difficult to put on, despite having a zip on the side!. So i had a quite a racing challenge to put it on Louca Ruhe, the model that bravely decided to wear it!! It looked amazing but i was told that the panels should have been made in contrasting magenta! Fair enough I think soo too but at least I had a contrasting scarf!

The funniest bit was the fact that i learnt from Dorie abd horst that i gotta have 5 pieces! There we are! Its Monday afternoon, 1 day before the show and off I go to the warehouse to felt the two remaining pieces! The Jacket uses the design ideas from Dagmar Binder, Charity van Meer and Horst template!! I was finally able to make Horst style jacket precisely the size I required!!
I was working my way up to 1.45 pm including the dyeing bit!!!
For the srcond vest with red strands hangong out I used Horsts own vest and dyed the strands separateky in Red! After finishing the piece it was overdyed!!

A separate thanks to Chris van dercapellen for the interesting pattern i used in my jacket!!
I love late challenges so I think i work best under pressure!!!

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