Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today has been a manic day:

I have returned from Cork and earlier have been in Galway where we have been brainstoriming about the ways of expanding the business in the internet using social networking tools!
Check out Jagienka's blog to get the details of that meeting!


I love one sentence : she said that it is my fault that she can't stop making felted flowers, especially tripple deckers! The truth is that I am very passionate about felt and I cant stop myself from telling people about it and teaching them about it!

BTw. I am going to be heading to a seminar about marketing using social networking sites - I will share any new info here.

I have updated my shop and have been photographing my recent work. Here is one of the scarves;
I have sold quite a few silk laps so check out my shop for newest batch arriving on Thursday!

I have made some lovely fridge magnets. What do you think? (Btw this is the correct way of displaying them!)



Jagienka said...

the magnets are so cool! At first I though they were little bracelets, which BTW you can do and use magnets for closure(!).
They look wicked on the fridge door although I do not think hare meant to be shamrocks, more some sort of sea creatures. Maybe you could do the whole coral reef, you know spiky urchins and such.

Jagienka said...

a tak swoją drogą, to nie miałaś ty siedzieć w Cork do środy?? Rączki cię świeżbiły i nie wytrzymałaś bez filcowania, nałogowcu ty...

FabulousFelt by Kate Ramsey said...


fishkha said...

fridge magnets are really cool, I saw them real!
I prefer more flowers than shamrocks, but the big coral reef is a great idea!