Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Artisans Craft Fair tomorrow

I have got some nice and simple designs in preparation for the Artisans craft Fair in Limerick
First of all I made the lacy scarves:
fairly normal stuff there (nothing unusuall about it) . Used 18 mic merino wool, dyed afterwards.

Also I have been making some silk scarves with wool inlays.

finally some hats (dyed afterwards)
this one is an experiment (with cut out flaps of felt)

I know some of the stuff is not very artistic but this is what sells :). I think I am not going to be dyeing the lacy scarves into two colours because it takes too much time and it distorts the design :)

More could be seen at my stall.


KerryFelter said...

Just gorgeous, Kate!!

fishkha said...

I love lacy scarves. brown one is fab! Yes you're right, to many variations on one little scarves make it look like rococo :) one nice color will do.
have fun tomorrow.

Cash en Els said...

Have a nice market tomorrow!! I think Your stuff will be selling good.

Nube de Lana said...

Hi kate Im from Chile Sud américa I like as you are about making the dyed, is on the part truth? It is a very successful, regards from my city conception.

Jagienka said...

aaa.... that brown one id fab! I want one like this too! Ditto on what Fishkha said, less is more, too many colours make the design disappear.

Plastusia said...

Brown scarf is the most beautiful!

Plastusia said...

Kasiu, właśnie się zorientowałam, komu wpisałam komentarz :). Ale gapa ze mnie.
A może by tak blog dwujęzyczny...?


What a nice work!
Greetings from Buenos Aires-Argentina,