Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some ideas for a cheap display

Since I have started my hat making (and there is a lot of them to finish now but I am waiting to get the KateHuset hat forms from WinghamWoolwork), I was thinking about some cheap ideas for a stylish display.

So I have purchased a styrofoam head whilst in Vancouver (there they cost 6.20 $). The problem with these is that they get easily scratched and dirty. So I have covered these with bits of newspaper (I have used a PVA glue).

Although the coating looks nice enough I think I have to coat it with an additional layer of polish. Has anybody got an idea which one is suitable for this job?

To complement the head (and to stabilize it a bit) my friend has bought a kitchen towel holder for me (3 euro).

 I have also bought a mug holder to use for displaying the bracelets (cost 5.99 eu).

 Have you got any nice, cheap and nifty ways of displaying your work?


craft by Maryla said...

superowy pomysł Kasiu,bardzo mi się podoba taki gazeciany manekin!!!

feelfelt said...

Ten manekin to skopiowalam z Vancouver (zobaczylam w jednym z filcowym sklepow)

Hooked On Felt said...

Excellent idea!