Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All those events I did not report...

During that time when I was not posting I had participated in various felt related events.
Firstly I was invited to prepare a "painting" in felt. Since I am not a painter myself and I hate painting I used silk fabric to create a rather simple and naive art. But it sold and I am very glad for anybody who is the owner, because it is my first piece ever made.

It was displayed during Polish Art Exhibition in Georgian House in Limerick. Apparently I have been praised by some of the visitors for this piece. I humbly will say that I was at least surprised by such kindness.
Since I started selling at the market, I was positioned very close to the fish stand :) so I decided to sample all these beauties on display. I became addicted to mussles. Here they are steamed in tomato/garlic/ white vine sauce (the recipe can be found here ). I would like to recommend this recipe!

I also started using dried kelp, native to Irish coast. I added Kombu to vegetable stews and pastas and I must say it is fabulous. The owner of the business harvests the seaweed in Clare, so very locally to Limerick.

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