Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visiting Poland, family and friends.. and some feltmaking tools

I finally got to visit my country,
Having visited my auntie and my mother I decided to show them how to bake a traditional sourdouchg bread. These types of bread are created using a starter and a rye bread. It is necessary to use special baskets for these, such as the following one

this is the bread as it has been baking in the oven, and the result had a very crispy crust and moist inside.

Recently I have been making some more scarves, and I loved the fluffiness of the wool, the delicacy of silk and the weather outside.

The whole job lot of the felting sushi mats were used during the worksops in Primary Schools.

Today I received my latest feltmaking tools, the wooden heads and the rolling pin, it is slightly large this one!

 These were organised by my dear friend Ola who is a feltmaker in Clonakilty, Ireland.

And this is my newest collaboration with Galway based basketmaker. 

All the best from slightly cool Poland!


Filz und Glas said...

Great idea, the basket is fantastic! I love it! I`m still waiting for my wooden heads for the new hats. If they look like yours.....great! Greetings from Germany! Uli

Kate Ramsey FabulousFelt said...

Cool, did you have any specific place you ordered ?
I had it commisioned in Poland and paid 250 eu for the whole lot pictured

Anu Franka said...

i tried this kind of bread many times...but it´s not working:-( i like your felt! Greetings from La Palma, Anu

beatrice De said...

La grande classe !

un petit bonjour de Lausanne en Suisse.

beatrice De said...

Il y a quelques mois, j'avais pris un cour de feutre. Si cela vous intéresse de voir ce que j'en ai fait, le travail est sur mon blog * les tricots de Béatrice De, couture et bricolage *. Il faut remonter pas mal. Patience.