Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feltmaking books that do not dissapoint - Veltinis

Every now and then I happen to buy a book on feltmaking that is a great source of inspiration, a joy to read! Based on my own experience I stay clear from any books that consist of such titles as:
25 marvellous felt project, .... (insert appropriate number) felt ideas

- so far on my list of the best Feltmaking books are
Feltmaking Wool Magic by Jorie Johnson
And a series of Felt Experiment books by Anette Quentin Stoll
These two have influenced my understanding of feltmaking. Today I am looking at another interesting book written by Vilte Kazlauskaite, with an interesting title Veltinis. (I have used Vilte's own photographs)

the book is available directly from Vilte's own Etsy shop here and sold book could be seen here

I suspect that this book is a well written book although I do not understand the language at all :)
You are getting 110 pages full of description, explanation and lovely photographs of good quality felt!

Some of you who have befriended many feltmakers on Facebook may notice that you have seen some pictures already. This book represents the best quality felt made in Central Europe and we from the West can learn from it in terms of the finish and consistency.

So run to your Etsy account to purchase this beauty,


Clasheen said...

I ran to purchase the book and there were none left unfortunately! Would like to add Sheila Smith's book 'Felt to Stitch' as my 'must buy' bible for any new felter.

Kate Ramsey FabulousFelt said...

Thanks for a suggestion!