Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Every saturday at Milk Market in Limerick

My journey towards professional feltmaking has started at the Milk Market in LImerick,
basically I asked one day a women who was selling handmade knitwear, her name is Theresa, whether I can join her at her stall at the market. I remember that day I sold for 50 eu and this is how the bug started.
After all those years I finally had time to photograph myself at the stall, well the stall that is:

here is the one I had last year at famous Artisans Craft Fair, long gone though sniff sniff.

 You can see how my work and display has changed!


Michelle said...

All looks so beautiful. Love all the colour!

Anonymous said...

kate,please email me I want to buy the skinny light wool silk felted scarf .In the picture it looks grey which is what I want but your description is red orange.

olwyn fleming

Kate Ramsey FabulousFelt said...

Hi Olvyn thanks for purchasing my scarf. Hope you like it!