Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Knitting and Stitching Show 2011

So the Knitting and Stitching show has ended on Sunday! It was my second show, but this time I was based on on the ground floor. So the position and sales were way better than ever before!

 I had a 2 by 2 stand and planned to keep it nice and clean and stylish. So here is how the set up was like:
brought loads of boxes with ironed felt, and had hand made wooden display stands. I really can recommed the tree shape stand great for hats and great for scarves.

Here is the finished stand:

During the show I found that many customers prefer when there is a lot of product displayed, so the instinct to search and did in is very common, I found that my sales were higher. /so for the national craft fair I will be having a bigger stand and I will be displaying way more items for sale. The bigger stand would accoumodate more people at the stall  and it would encourage greater sales.

I stayed with my friend in Dublin and was walking every day 5 km to Rds along the South Circular Road in Dublin. The city is absolutely stunning so I felt in love with it.


Caoilfionn Murphy O'Hanlon said...

tativescHI Kate, It was lovely to speak to you on Thursday at the show - I could have stayed and bought everything at your stand - Beautiful Work!

dorie said...

somehow I haven't seen your blog for a long time. Good to see your work displayed here and speaking about how to market the things. Good luck with the next one. I wish I had a bit of your energy, but at the other hand I'am glad that I can do the bits I'am capable of.

Kate Ramsey FabulousFelt said...

Thank you dorie, I was very busy with other things so blog was a little bit quitet but now I am back with more things!