Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Invitation to a Workshop In Dublin and my intern has a go on a carder

Here first some new designs that I was experimenting with!

I will be attending a workshop by an amazing feltmaking artist,  Dagmar Binder, organised by FEltmakers Ireland Association in Dublin

3 D Floral belts or collars

Advanced Two Day Workshop
Dagmar Binder
 Dagmar makes amazing stuff not only 3d collars which we are gonna be making, - such as here

She also makes amazing hats - there is to be a workshop on these on the 22nd of September in Italy organised by Ruth Baumer, I am feeling so sorry I cant attend! 

I was also invited to a special workshop organised by Craft Council of Ireland, in Dublin on Thursday! Its about colour trends for knitwear in 2013!! Very exciting!

Knitwear Trends Forecast Workshop for Autumn/Winter 2013. 
 The presentation will be made by Beryl Gibson, UK based Textile and Yarn consultant with many years experience of the industry in Ireland, UK, Europe, Far East, South Africa and South America.

Looking forward to this- as it might give me loads of ideas re my future collections!  

I Also got an intern who is learning the basics of feltmaking! 
Yesterday she was playing with coloured wool 

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Dawn Edwards said...

Oh, well that makes two of us who are crying in our beer that we are not going to Dagmar's hatmaking workshop...Waaaaaa!!!! So wish that I could attend any of her workshops. So happy that you get to attend Dagmar's felt collars class and also Feltmaker's Ireland color workshop...both sound fantastic!!!

I love your new bag design...Beautiful, as are all of your felt designs.